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Simply put, we are family. For more than 75 years, Rowe has been an innovator in our field, passionately committed to creating beautiful furniture that honors the skill and dedication of our team. We consider everyone involved to be part of the Rowe Family, where every member is an essential part of the process of creating custom-made furnishings that are “hand crafted with heart” in Virginia. From framing and upholstery to shipping and administration, our people are the hands and hearts that work to shape the promise of quality, sustainability and beauty we deliver with every piece of Rowe furniture. This is our Rowe Family…come and find your place with us!

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Ready to grow? There’s no limit to your potential as part of the Rowe family! The Path program gives you the resources you need to build your career, and offers a range of opportunities for advancement in any of our departments.

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